Principal Perry
Full Name

Teresa Cherry Perry


Principal Perry (formerly)
Perry (everyone)
Shoulder Pads, Sports Bra, Kitty Cat (Spike)
Principal P, Perry Bomb, Cellblock Sally, The Leprechaun (Donald Davenport)
Evil Woman, Sergeant Short-Set, Mascot, Crazy (Leo Dooley)
Taylor Swift, Momma, Bride (herself)
Favorite Auntie Terry (Kerry Perry)
Handsome Woman (Douglas Davenport)
Fleshy Me (Perry 2.0)



Resides in

Mission Creek High School (formerly)
Davenport Bionic Academy
Mission Creek, California
Centium City


Principal at Mission Creek High School (formerly)
Head of Security


Mission Creek High School (principal, formerly)


Mother Perry (mother)


Joey Logano (ex-crush)
Douglas Davenport (ex-finace)
Willie McGinest (ex-crush)
Dr. Gao (crush)

First Episode

Crush, Chop and Burn: Part 1 (voice)
Commando App (physically)

Last Episode

The Attack

Portrayed By

Maile Flanagan

Theresa "Terry" Cherry Perry is the principal of Mission Creek High, before working as a security guard at the Davenport Bionic Academy. In "No Going Back" she catches Adam using his heat vision, Chase using his telekinesis, and Bree using her super speed.


Principal Perry is a mean principal who loves cats. She dislikes all of her students though she despises the Davenport/Dooleys the most.


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

  • Spy Fly
  • Missin' the Mission
  • Bro Down
  • Parallel Universe (Dimensional Counterpart Only)
  • Spike's Got Talent
  • Hole In One
  • Trucked Out
  • The Bionic 500
  • Adam Up
  • Llama Drama
  • The Haunting of Mission Creek High
  • Perry 2.0
  • My Little Brother
  • Twas The Mission Before Christmas
  • Trent Gets Schooled
  • No Going Back

Season 3Edit

  • Sink or Swim: Part 1
  • The Jet-Wing
  • Mission: Mission Creek High
  • Not So Smart Phone
  • Principal from Another Planet
  • Cyborg Shark Attack
  • You Posted What?!?
  • Alien Gladiators
  • Brother Battle
  • Spike Fright
  • Face Off
  • Rise of the Secret Soldiers: Part 1 (Mission: Fail)
  • Unauthorized Mission

Season 4Edit

  • Bionic Rebellion
  • Under Siege
  • Space Elevator
  • Bob Zombie
  • Human Eddy
  • The Curse of the Screaming Skull
  • Ultimate Tailgate Challenge
  • Space Colony
  • The Vanishing: Part 2


Season 2Edit

  • Speed Trapped
  • Leo vs. Evil

Season 4Edit

  • Left Behind
  • Lab Rats: On the Edge

Appearances on Elite ForceEdit

Season 1Edit


  • He is the fifth Lab Rats' character to appear on Lab Rats: Elite Force.
  • She was a main cast member of "The Little Squirts", but it was cancelled because of the others died in a day each year.