Marcus Davenport
Full Name

Marcus Davenport



Date of Birth

(Age 15-Deceased in Bionic Showdown: Part 2, Rebuilt by Giselle, Deceased Again in The Vanishing: Part 2)

Resides in

Douglas's Lair (formerly)
Giselle's Lab (formerly)
The Lab (deceased, melted)


An Android


Mission Creek High School (currently)


Douglas Davenport (father/creater)


Adam Davenport (brother)
Bree Davenport (sister)
Chase Davenport (brother)
Daniel Davenport (brother)
Leo Dooley (adoptive step-brother)
Naomi Davenport (step-sister/cousin)

First Episode

Concert in a Can

Last Episode


Portrayed By

Mateus Ward

Marcus is an android brother of Adam, Bree, Chase, and Daniel, stepcousin/adoptive stepbrother of Leo Dooley, son of Douglas, and nephew of Donald. He is also Leo's arch nemesis. He most likely was destroyed in the episode "Bionic Showdown: Part 2",  however there is still speculation as to if he was killed since his hand came up through the rubbel that crushed him. His hand was seen in "Bionic Action Hero: Part 2" since Giselle will rebuild him, which means that "Bionic Showdown" won't be his last appearance.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • All of Adam, Bree, & Chase's bionic abilities: Marcus have all of Adam, Bree, & Chase's bionic abilities.
  • Super Strength: Just like Adam, Marcus can lift heavy objects.
  • Super Speed: Just like Bree, Marcus can run really fast.
  • Heat Vision: Just like Adam, Marcus can shoot lasers out of his eyes.
  • Telekinesis: Just like Chase, Marcus can move objects with his mind.
  • Levitation: Just like Chase, Marcus can levitate.

Adam, Bree, and Chase were best friends with Marcus and didn't believe Leo when he told them Marcus was evil. They later on found out that Marcus really was evil.


Season 1 (2/18)Edit

  • Concert in a Can
  • Mission: Space

Season 2 (3/25)Edit

  • Speed Trapped
  • Leo vs. Evil
  • Bionic Showdown (deceased)

Season 4 (5/19)Edit

  • Trust Issues
  • Visitations
  • Can We Trust Him?
  • Awaking
  • Objection!


not in season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

  • Taken

Season 4Edit

  • Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med: Part 1 (Indirectly)
  • Bionic Action Hero: Part 1


  • He appeared in every season except Season 3, but he was mentioned in "Taken".
  • He is the second character to die and being brought back to life. First it was Eddy in "Missin' a Mission" and "No Going Back".
  • He is the first bionic android to appear. Second it was Troy West, and third-? is Giselle's bionic androids.
  • He is the only andriod that is created by Douglas Davenport.
  • In the Lab Rats episode "Leo vs. Evil", when he said there goes pizza night. It means he likes pizza.
  • He hates cats.
  • He and Daniel are only biological children of Douglas to call him "Dad".
    • Although, Chase called Douglas "Dad" in the Lab Rats: Elite Force episode "The Intruder", but that was just once.
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