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When 13 year old Leo moves into his new step dad’s mansion, he snoops around and discovers Adam, Bree, and Chase — three bionic siblings (each equipped with hi-tech apps) living in a lab beneath the house. An unlikely friendship develops as he sneaks them out to school for their first taste of freedom while they help him to become the most popular kid in school. But the when their bionic glitches go off, things get chaotic very quickly!
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Featured Character

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Adam Davenport is the oldest of the three bionic humans created by Donald Davenport. Although the strongest and toughest, he has the lowest intelligence in the group. He is an airhead but sometimes helps his siblings in times of trouble. He can be sweet and loving at times but has brutal abilities that might cause damages, especially his glitches.
Featured Episode


On the Lab Rats' first day of school all goes awry when Chase is transformed and goes up against the principal.

Original air date:

Monday, March 05, 2012 on DXDCAN

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